【Portugal】 A Beautiful Day in Portuguese art museum

Recently, the first Jack  Portuguese sub-dealer meeting was held in Porto art museum.

The wonderful Portugal is the wine city of Europe .We can see classical buildings and listen to multi-national melody ceremony , Portugal also sees the  development of Jack. 
with the warm invitation of Portuguese distributor , more than 30 JACK sub-dealers enjoyed a happy get-together and held the first Portuguese sub-dealer meeting to discuss the future development of JACK brand . 
The meeting introduced JACK brand, company introduction and new products systematically. All sub-dealers shew their full confidence to JACK brand and many dealers expressed their high reception .
Portuguese distributor made the first meeting birthday cake. with the topful expectation and wishes, we expect that we could bring JACK brand and machines to the new development peak by efforts together in Portugal .  
Written &Translated by Alvin