【Iran】Jack's star product training is Ongoing

Recently, in Isfahan Iran, JACK had held a series of product training. The training focused on operation and maintenance of A4-Jack’s star product. The training was aimed at strengthening “local services” and increasing Jack’s “100% quick service”brand image.
The first training was located in an Isfahan large garment factory. This garment factory has been cooperating with JACK Company for many years. with more than 90% JACK machine in its factories, recently it had ordered 300 pieces of A4 machine again.
During the training, teachers teach and answer questions in details, and students learned in earnest, took note, or used phone to take pictures and make videos, just in order to learn more about A4 machine. 
After training in the large factory, Jack group kept moving to another agent shop to do the next training.
After the training, students all thumbed up and said: I gain a lot during the training and get more knowledge about A4’s advantage, functions and maintenance. Wishing Jack can bring such training more often in future.
Written &Translated by Andy